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Sony and Samsung go to war over smart TVs

Samsung and Sony have gone to war over which OS their TVs are running; Samsung announced this week that it'll use its own Tizen OS on all future smart TVs but Sony will be using Google's brand new Android TV platform.

I think the move on Samsung's part is pretty disappointing and shows it's just trying to control the platform; it may have shot itself in the foot. Android TV is well designed, works great with all Android phones and includes open standards like Google Cast which is a huge advantage. I won't be buying another Samsung TV. Oh, and 3DTVs are basically dead.

CES 2015 recap

Every year, the world's tech writers descend on Las Vegas for CES where every tech company tries to tell you that you need its latest widget. This year's highlights included everyone trying to sell you a selfie stick, Intel's amazing Realsense technology, this amazing smartwatch you can't even get and a whole bunch of other crazy gadgets.

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Everyone loves podcasts, right? Two new ones caught my eye this week; The Secret History of Thoughts by NPR which explores how our thoughts work and Reddit's new podcast 'Upvoted' that gets the story behind items found on the homepage of the site. I encourage you to check these out!

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